Investment opportunities in UAE – For Investors

As one of the most forward thinking developed nations, UAE has been the perfect location for investors. It’s accessible from various parts of the world and links shipping routes and is also ideal for transporting goods. Being a developed nation, it also always has the best state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities provided for both consumers and businesses.

Since it’s also a major business hub, it has invested time and money in building and providing certain areas and free zones just for the purpose of start-ups and industries to flourish. Since the UAE also ranks 11th globally and 1st regionally according to a report by Doing Business in 2019, it provides the factor of ease, for starting business. Some other advantages for investing in UAE include:

  • Energy costs are competitive
  • In the case for investment for industrial purposes, there are only minimal rent charges
  • The government supported banking systems are helpful for high levels of liquidity and competitive financing costs.
  • It has the lowest custom fees in the entire region at only 5%
  • Several agreements have been made that aid in protection of labour rights.
  • Due to the above, the relationship between the employer and employees are healthy.
  • Investors are also given the choice of investing and being able to explore other markets in the GCC.

Another new and much awaited incentive is that this year, the ‘Gold Card’ was also approved and was awarded to more than 6,800 investors. This allows these investors to stay longer which is between 5-10 years in the country and in return the country’s investments flourish by the day, currently totaling up to AED 100 billion. It also eliminates the practice of shadow economy.

Secondly, along with the new visa system that rolled in, it was also established that there would be the opportunity for 100% foreign ownership of companies. This according to the Chamber of Commerce, Dubai, is going to be the reason for an immense boost in the market for upcoming small businesses. Previously it was mandatory to have an Emirati sponsor with an ownership of 51% to own a firm outside free zones.

Although that being said, there are challenges that investors may face in the UAE. One would be the implementation of VAT. This was imposed on all goods and services. Hence registering for this can be a major challenge apart from the costs that can occur following it.

Another aspect could be the inclusion of Islamic laws and culture. Making sure that this caters to your business needs while being respectful and also not violating it at the same time, can be a hindrance.

But this need not be reasons to demotivate you from becoming a potential investor in the UAE. You can also take help from a firm like AskMe that can help you out every step of the way and grant you the outcome you need. AskMe can help with services such as expansion and support of your business ideas and guidance through the giant competitive industry in this country that is currently blooming with investors.

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8 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Real Estate Agent

Buying, selling or renting an apartment requires a lot planning, thoughts, calculations and considerations. Any decision of this sort should be carried out with utmost diligence as the ticket size fairly large and any deviation could incur a huge fiscal loss. Hence it is best to hand this out to an expert who knows the industry well. That’s where the real estate agents come in.

Dubai being a commercial hub, there is a huge requirement for real estate agents. But before you search for the best real estate companies in Dubai and select for the first one that appear, here is the list of things you should keep in mind for evaluating any agent.

  • Licensing: It is common sense that one requires real estate license to practice. Estate agents in Dubai need to go through the process of obtaining license and only after getting one can he/she be eligible for showing houses and offices.
  • Track Record: Louder than the words of the agents, speaks their track records. It is important to have an estate agent with a decent track record. For starters, one needs to see how many properties has he/she sold with respect to how many clients he/she has. Conversion ratio speaks a lot about agent’s abilities and its respect within the circle.
  • Local Area Knowledge: Let’s say you are looking for an apartment for rent in Dubai. This rented apartment should have connectivity to metros and buses should have grocery store nearby and have neighbors from your own country. For this, you will require an agent who is familiar with local norms. Your agent should not only look for best houses, but should be aware about your other household and social needs.
  • Network & Connections: Your real estate company is supposed to be your living property finder. It is their duty to provide you with property listings in Dubai in the locations that you want to move. That is why; you need to check how strong their network is. Wider their connections, greater their listings. You’ll have plethora of options to choose from, if you hire an estate agent with sound connections.
  • References: If your relatives, friends or acquaintances have hired an agent in the past, it is always good to follow their path and hire them again to avoid any uncertainties. Since your friends already had a good experience with the agent, it is likely, that with their reference, you’ll get the same quality services too. However, if you do not have any references, you can ask the agent himself to provide you with contacts of his past clients so that you can run a background check on them. Big corporate always indulges in such verifications, as they have a lot at stake.
  • Type of property: If you are buying a house and you hire an agent whose expertise lies in commercial spaces, you are going to end up regretting your decision. Different agents specialize in different type of properties and have connections in their own domain. Hiring a commercial broker for renting apartment in Dubai, would  be a grave mismatch.
  • Communication & Negotiation: We all want a deal that is a win-win for all the parties involved in the transaction. But to reach a point of agreement can be little difficult, as each party would put their interest first. The agent acting as a mediator should be able to negotiate with both buyers and sellers to reach at a point of agreement. For this, flawless communication and negotiation skills are required.
  • Honesty: For humans, buying a house or an office is not just an economic transaction. There are a lot of emotions involved. We all want a place where we could feel safe, secure and comfortable. But we also need an honest agent who would not take advantage of our necessity or desperation. At the end, we all need a fair price and want to avoid post purchase dissonance. However abstract this factor may seem, honesty is the utmost important thing to look for in any agent.

We, at AskMe undergo a careful evaluation of real estate agents before getting them on board. Get in touch with us to find the best real estate agents in Dubai with all the qualities listed above.

Going Digital-Gateway to Billion Opportunities

It is no secret that the latest stage of evolution of Homo sapiens majorly and massively depends on technology and digital sources. The first thing majority of us do immediately after waking up is to check our phones, for possibly new messages, e-mails, notifications as well as news. Even the traditional way of drinking tea and reading newspaper has been changed to drinking tea and reading news on a tablet. From shopping to garnering information, people have found convenience online. Hence it has become inevitable for brands to convert their business into online platform and interact with their audience digitally.

Going digital has provided brands with tremendous opportunities. It has the potential to reach masses with lesser costs. Let us say that you have a shop in Dubai mainland. The proximity to residential area attracts approximately 100 footfalls per day and converts at an average of optimistic 20. But since your shop is located in the mainland, there are chances that you are paying hefty rents and maintenance costs. If you open up your shop in Free Zone, you won’t be attracting so many footfalls per day. Thus cost of acquisition per customer is higher. Now say you open a website and go online. Website cost is a capital cost, unlike rent. You spread your legs in different social media which is almost free and pay them a fee for micro targeting. Here within few weeks, you will attract higher traction than your offline shop and although the conversion rate is prominently low than offline store, the sales in terms of absolute volume is usually 10 times the offline store and cost of acquisition is usually 20% lesser than offline store. Not to forget, the imminent brand awareness you will generate at almost negligible costs.

Not just in terms of costs and reach, going digital has proven fruitful in terms of customer service and post sales service. Quick Redressal of grievances by social media has increased customer satisfaction and there by brand image, Brands like Netflix, Dominos, Cadbury are so responsive on their digital platforms that they have peaked complaint resolutions at fastest rate.

However, a business should be a perfect blend of digital and traditional model. Banking system has seen that going digital by providing consumers facilities like online banking, online transfers, checking status of your account on your phone, has ironically increased the total costs. But on the flip side, it has decreased cost per acquisition and increased volumes of consumers. Thus a business should never only be offline or only be online; it should be a balanced mixture of both. We have seen businesses like WalMart go online and Amazon delve into offline with Amazon Go,

While moving to digital formats, brands need to take care of several things ranging from website appearance, search engine results and customer interaction. Website should be interactive and easy to navigate. Nowadays, mobile transactions have rapidly increased; hence brands should have a mobile friendly website too. In addition, Mobile applications serve as the best alternative to the website. It is imperative that consumers find the interface user friendly and not too confusing; this should be backed up with appropriate IT infrastructure to support these services.

Consumers generally tend to search for a product or a service online and click on the first 3-4 links that appears on the first page. Hence if you sell quality products, it is of no use, if it appears on the later pages of search results. For this businesses need to undertake Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and deploy SEO, SEM experts to take care of the same. Social Media presence is crucial as well. Social Media content should be curated in such a way that it attracts audiences, avoids negative remarks and enables users to provide a feedback. It is a cumbersome task to for a brand to go digital, but once it does, the benefits shall reap numerous sales, awareness and not to mention ROI.

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6 Reasons Any Business Needs an Online Marketplace

With increase in internet consumption and wide reach and connectivity, there is a rapid up-spring in the emergence of online businesses and e-commerce websites. We have seen e-tailers like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba grow their foot out of their respective countries and spread all over the globe. Such businesses are called online marketplaces, where a consumer uses the e-tailer platform to connect with the best sellers. Seeing the opportunity, few have also jumped into online marketplaces for businesses rather than individual consumers. With the rise in such platforms, businesses as well as consumers have witnessed increase in their bargaining power as potential buyers, since they have so many options to choose from. There are still some reluctance in few big and small organizations adopting these models, because they’re either scared of online transactions or are too reluctant to change the existing way of doing business.

Although hesitation to change is perfectly normal, here are 6 important reasons why your business will function way better with an online marketplace.

  • Convenience

The most important and most visible benefit the online marketplace can provide is the convenience of doing business. Everything you need, whether a product or a service, you can get it sitting at your office with just a click. This reduces the hassle of going out to find the best business partners, following up with them for their quotations as well as negotiating the best prices. You can just compare prices of different prices from different sites. This way, it reduces the costs significantly.

  • Accountability

When something goes wrong, you need to find the root of the problem and pin point the responsibility, so that corrective measures are taken in time to evade from deviations. Few medium and small business partners might or might not take the responsibility and provide you with right answers. With an online marketplace working as a mediator, the middle men takes on the accountability and responsibility and offers corrective measures. Hence you can save your business from any crisis that might occur.

  • Multiple Options

Online marketplace lists a wide arena of vendors suitable for your businesses. They are a blend of product quality, best price, lowest shipping charges, timely deliveries and standardized certifications. You can choose a partner with the dimension you prefer is best for your business. Your bargaining power also increases as this becomes a buyer based model.

  • Risk Diversification

They say don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Using an online marketplace, you can diversify your risk by choosing different partners for your different needs. You can partner with as many business vendors as you want to suit your customized needs. This way, even if one partners turns out faulty, your business operations won’t ever face a shutdown, as would always have an alternative product solutions from a different vendors.

  • Best Quotations

As discussed earlier, with multiple options the bargaining power of a buyer increases significantly. With so many business vendors offering their services at one place, you can scrutinize them and choose the one that provides the best quotations and value additions.

  • Focus on core competencies

Running and sustaining a business is tough. There are literally thousands of responsibilities of a business ranging from hiring the right staff, buying the best software solutions to post-sales services. One might not be able to focus on their core competencies while figuring out the other responsibilities. Hence it is best to choose an online marketplace and hire them to find us the best vendors suitable for our objectives. This way, we have ample of time to focus on our core competencies, while the online marketplace takes care of the rest.

Moreover, there is also a rise in all in one service providers for consumers as well as for businesses. These businesses provide all the solutions at one place like Yellow Pages or Just Dial. These models make a lot of sense, as it eliminates the need to open a different tab in your browser for a different service and contact another marketplace and explain them your needs all over again.

Why go to a different place to hire an interior designer and a different place to get auditing and accounting services, when you can get them all at ?

Why AskMe?

Commencing a business in this cut-throat competition in as difficult as striving a business in one. Industry is dynamic and keeps changing more rapidly than ever. To keep up with the fast paced industry, we have seen so many changes in laws for registering and operating a business. We have seen so many new digital and AI based strategies by brands, to keep up with the trends.

But one person can know only so much and can do only so much. Businesses always require business partners who can help them in various activities like supply chain, HR, Operations, Digital & Content Marketing, A business cannot do everything alone. Hence it is best that a business focuses on its core competencies and outsource the rest. For example Zomato’s core competency is its list of wide array of restaurants. Hence when zomato opened its food delivery business, it hired Third Party Logistics to take care of the deliveries. It hired ad agency to oversee its social media marketing. This way Zomato managed to best in all the business activities.

Finding the right business partners is a cumbersome and tedious process. Because you will want 10 different partners for wholesale, retail, recruitment, software and internet service provider. For choosing the best 10 partners, you’ll have to review more than 100 potential partners located at 100 different places. Hence it gets tough to focus on anything else, until you find your right match.

This is where AskMe chimes in. To make things smoother for businesses, we do all the searching and evaluation of prospective business partners and give you the best. For example, if you want to register your company but are stuck in understanding the procedure, all you need to do is drop in an enquiry and we will get the experts in UAE to look out the paperwork for you. This is not all. We have partnered with all types of experts your business will ever need. From real estate to office design, from recruitment to legal services, from digital marketing to public relations, we have got the all the professionals on board with us. They can serve in the most customized way without you going through the hassle of any of it.

We offer these packages at amazing rates and take full accountability because your satisfaction is our growth metric. We also have an all in one end to end services package which includes all the above activities starting at just 49,999 AED. It can be customized in the way you want. You can completely rely on us with each one of your need. We will satisfy them at the best industry rates.

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Your Brand Needs PR!

Having a company without a public relations team is like selling your goods without calling out potential buyers. A great PR team, doesn’t only put your brand name in media, but also ensures that your brand has a positive word of mouth. From writing simple press releases, to rescuing a company from a crisis, Public Relations team is needed on every page of your business. It is although ironic that a brand that you established for over a long period of time can be ruined nowadays with just one video, tweet or a post, but it is the harsh reality of today’s industry dynamics. For few cases, it is the brand that is responsible for the negative publicity, like Nestle Maggie or Volkswagen emission scandal and in few cases brand catches a negative light through no fault of its own, like the case of SnapDeal rated poorly on PlayStore for remarks made by the CEO of SnapChat.

Regardless of whose fault it is, the damage has to be eventually faced by the brand. Hence it is wise to have an impeccable PR team to save your name for an unforeseen crisis that your brand might face.

Take a look at the inspiring crisis management case by Lipton Green Tea. In 2016, a woman from UAE posted a video claiming that all of her tea bags of Lipton Green Tea consists of live as well as dead worms. Within a span of few hours, the video was viewed by thousands of netizens. Few online articles were immediately published accusing Lipton. Check out the video here:

However, Lipton was quick to respond to that video and posted a clarification video before the damage could spread more. The video got more than 80,000 hits within four hours of posting. Lipton made sure that it reaches to all kinds of audience. The PR team of Lipton was quick to rope in Dubai Municipality as well to gain credibility. Dubai Municipality too posted Lipton’s video with a statement, “The Food Safety Management at Dubai Municipality would like to show the consumers the ignorance of such people and advises everyone not to circulate such videos but instead going to the responsible authorities to verify the information and get the correct and trusted scientific answer from official scientific and legal authorities.”

From a politician like Donald Trump to an established organization like Cadbury, everyone needs a PR to ensure that they are appearing in the good books of media, investors as well as common public. There are hundreds of things to keep in mind while interacting with any of your stakeholders. A statement that can gain public trust can make investors angry and a public appearance that make media happy may make government suspicious. It is difficult to manage all the stakeholders’ interests together. A small thing as simple as a speech can prove disastrous for your brand, if it is interpreted in a different way than you wanted to. Hence it is always advisable to hire an agency whether you are an established brand or a start-up. A good PR agency shall take care of your events, your online and offline reputation, press conferences as well as shall save you if any crisis were to ever hit you. PR is like legal services; Irrespective of the risk your activities are carrying, it is always better to be safe now than to be sorry later.

If you’re looking for a PR Agency, Contact us to get in touch with the best PR Agencies in Dubai.

5 Things to Keep In Mind for Ramadan in Dubai

Dubai has the highest number in terms of population in UAE. Although Islam is the official state religion of UAE, Dubai enjoys a blend of Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs and other non-Muslim communities. Approximately 80% of the population in Dubai consists of expatriates from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries.

Ramadan or Ramadhan is one of the biggest and holiest festivals of UAE and is celebrated with utmost joy and enthusiasm across the region. It is the 9th Month of Islamic calendar where they celebrate the revelation of Quran to Muhammad, by fasting and performing various rituals. If you are in Dubai this Ramadan, there are few things you need to take care of and few things you should not miss to enjoy the holy festival of Ramadan.

  1. Attire:

Ramadan being holiest festival in Dubai requires people to dress appropriately. Clothes like shorts, sleeveless t-shirts & any sort of revealing clothes in public places is frowned upon & should be avoided. Even if you are following a different religion it is advisable to go by these rules and respect the sacred festival as well as the sentiments behind it.

  1. Public Behavior

It is obligatory and expected to share a Ramadan greeting when you are among people. Commonly greeting with salutations like “Ramadan Kareem” or “Ramadan Mubarak” is considered a kind gesture and also serves as a good conversation starter. People usually refrain from using any kind of cuss words or profanity. Moreover it would be advisable to abstain from eating, smoking or drinking in public. Also, you should keep away from loud music.

  1. Iftar Feast

To break their fast communities across the globe organize Iftar feasts. Big hotel chains offer myriad number of buffet options. They provide fast-friendly dishes ranging from Arabic to Emirati cuisines. It is traditional to exchange gifts in these meals. These feasts are usually held in a tent where locals and tourists come together to eat, smoke Sheesha & play board games. Iftar parties are the heart of Ramadan & people celebrate it with utmost enthusiasm.

  1. Tourist Attractions

Tourist places in Dubai are usually less crowded during the entire month of Ramadan. Hence, tourists do not have to go through the hassle of long queues & expensive hotel bookings. Major tourist attractions during this season are the night markets on the streets. The city gets radiant with the buzz of these markets and the crowd created around it. Although, one should check twice before leaving their hotels, as the timings for majority of tourist attractions are shortened and they tend to close down the place early. Here are few other tourist attractions in Dubai.

  1. Timings

Government offices, Private offices, Local shops as well as parks close down earlier than usual. As mentioned earlier, tourist places too shutdown before dusk. Moreover Namaz timings should also be checked if you need to get any sort of work done in any of the public or private establishments.

To enjoy this festival, one should abide by these social norms. Irrespective of the religion you belong to, this divine festival shall fill your bags with lot a spiritual and cultural memories.

Reach out to us if you’re planning a visit Dubai this Ramadan!


DUBAI – the most populous city in UAE. It has attracted world’s attention through large construction projects and sports events, and in particular the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. It has been one of the leading tourist places attracting visitors all around the world.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Dubai:


Burj Khalifa is one of the highly exotic places to visit in Dubai. It was initially known as Burj Dubai before its inauguration. The interiors and ambiance seems to be wrapped up in artistic exuberance. The design for the 162-story tower bear testimony to the exorbitant amount that has been invested in this project. It also has an observation deck on the 124th floor which is known as At the top.


The most luxurious hotel in the world. It is the fifth tallest hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab is beautifully lit up in the evening by choreographed lighting and offers a myriad experience of exploring the Dubai attractions. It’s shape is designed to resemble the sail of a ship.


Miracle Garden is one of the most beautiful and biggest natural flower gardens in the world. Witnessing the garden in full bloom with its 150 million flowers arranged in colourful arches and patterns and the myriad shapes they form, is truly magnificent. The place is a heaven for those seeking natural beauty in the city.


The most enthralling experience you could ever have in Dubai. Exploring the endless deserts is something which you just cannot miss out on. The moments will definitely stay with you as a treasured memory that you would cherish forever and ever. It is just awesome and worth every penny experience.


Seen enough of Dubai attractions? Wait! Wait! There exists an underwater zoo where you haven’t been yet. There are more than 140 various aquatic species. You can witness an excellent view of the rainforest and the glittering world of the ocean as you toddle the 48-meter long walk-through tunnel.


Global Village is one of the leading attractions of Dubai. It offers a unique shopping experience to all the visitors through its 31 pavilions, each representing a different country across the globe with its handicrafts, merchandise and cuisines. It offers full time entertainment package with some of the best performances from artists all around the world.


It is one of the oldest buildings of Dubai. It presents the traditional way of life in the Emirate of Dubai. From the fort, there is a path to the galleries, which displays the general culture of the land, especially n the 1800s. It displays the local antiques as well as artifacts from African and Asian countries that traded with Dubai. So get ready to have some fun out in Dubai.


As we all are aware of the fact that Dubai has been thriving as one of the most sought destinations now-a-days; people are fluttering to this destination in great numbers. And if you are visiting this exotic destination then Dubai Marina is a must visit for you. This Dubai attraction is one of the best-settled cutting edge districts. It’s worked around the biggest man-made marina on the planet and contains various top eateries and in addition outside diversion and excitement buildings.


Ferrari World is Abu Dhabi’s largest theme park, founded back in 2010. The park’s indoor activities are centered around everything you can do with a Ferrari. At Ferrari World, there’s something for everyone to do, whether you go with your kids or by yourself. Here, you can see how these incredible cars are actually made. It will be surprising for you to know that you can actually drive a Ferrari here having an expert champion by your side, riding with you. Don’t miss the 3D animations and live theatre at Ferrari World.


One more landmark which you must not miss while visiting Dubai is Dubai Creek zone that associates the ocean exchanging port to the leave as it goes through the heart of Dubai. This Dubai attraction is a saltwater brook situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and it closes at Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. Historically, the spring separated the city into two principal segments – Deira and Bur Dubai. Dubai Creek has been an observer to numerous live shows, plays, music, and firecrackers. The Al Seef, Al Muraqabat, and Al Rigga boulevards wake up amid the Dubai Shopping Festival. Another most interesting thing about the creek is the setting sun which makes this place all more suitable for travelers around the globe.


It has become one of the city’s greatest amusement venues including Coral Reef Aquarium, Fish Farm, Gatorville and a research therapy center. This unique facility has been primarily developed to educate and entertain visitors of all ages while emphasizing the need for the conservation of dolphins and other endangered aquatic species in a safe manner. The major draw of the facility is undeniably its 45 minutes long fantastic performance by dolphins and seals wherein they dance, juggle, paint and even play basketballs. This is rendered by up-to-date lasers and spotlights accompanying the suitable music. They also offer an opportunity to swim with dolphins. It has facilities to hold parties and events. Educational related lectures and activities conducted by dolphin experts and scientists are incredibly noteworthy.


Just when you think you have seen it all in Dubai, and there is nothing more surprising or adventurous, you learn about the Ski Dubai, a 22,500 square meter indoor resort dedicated to snow and skiing. The resort is covered in snow where you can enjoy all types of indoor snow activities and be in the winter wonderland you could only dream of in the Alps. You can enjoy a mug of hot coffee here at a temperature well below zero! The Snow Park at Ski Dubai is a whopping 3000 square feet of pure winter bliss, where you can go for skiing, snowboarding, building a snowman, enjoy chairlifts, and see penguins parade in the park several times a day. 

There is an Avalanche Cafe, which is located at a height, so you can hike up there or go by a chairlift. The temperature there is minus four degrees. Ski Dubai is an experience of a lifetime and a must visit for any traveler.


The sun-kissed beaches in Dubai have attracted tourists from all over the world because of the spectacular view of the Persian Gulf. The Jumeirah Beach is particularly famous for its white sands. The soft and clear, fine granules let your feet sink right in.

Enjoy a spectacular view of the seven-star Burj-Al-Arab from the beach, the stunning monument is set against Dubai’s coast and is a sight to marvel at. You are welcome to stroll around on the public portion of Jumeirah Beach, where you will find a string of barbeques, palm trees, desert gardens, children’s parks, cafes in Dubai.

It has a nice ambiance for family and is ideal for picnics, and afternoon and evening getaways. This Dubai attraction is best visited to watch the sunset, the sands turns into a deep shade of gold and the waters are comfortably warm. Jumeirah Beach promises you a perfect evening for your ideal tropical holiday.


Among various Dubai tourist places, Dubai Mall is a place that attracts a major tourist crowd. It’s a magnificent sprawling structure with the vivacious interior designs, the expensive shops, portray the rich and splendid lifestyle of Dubai. It is the largest mall in the world with respect to total area. It consists of more than 1200 shops.

The mall attracts almost over 54 million tourists every year. It has 22 movie screens and a whopping number of more than 10 cafes and restaurants in Dubai which serve delicious dishes and various cuisines. It also has over 14,000 car parking spaces.


A stellar 7 star hotel with over 1,539 rooms of various luxurious dimensions, this hotel has attracted the eyes of many tourists and of course those with no limit on their credit card. The place is referred as the Royal towers and there are fireworks here almost every night that you can enjoy. 

The vacation will be complete in Dubai once you have paid a visit to this hotel in Dubai and explored the various luxuries abundant there. There are chances of you bumping into Hollywood stars here as this hotel is a favourite among the A-listers.


It is an indoor amusement park in Dubai which is a hit among the people around the globe. With four epic adventures zone in one location this theme park host global brands like Cartoon Network and Marvel. They also have IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure zones which are created by IMG group with original concepts.

IMG World covers an area of 1.5 million square feet and has the capacity to welcome more than 20,000 guests a day. Not just you can enjoy the click pictures with your favourite iconic Marvel Super Heroes and hair-raising dinosaurs but you will also be enjoying some thrilling rides.


It is an outdoor water park in Dubai which is being operated by the Jumeirah International. It is a place which will quench the thirst for all your water sports adventures. Especially children will have a fun time in this park jumping and playing with water all around. There are several different water rides where you can have a completely awesome time.

There are two restaurants inside which will give your tummy a delicious treat when you feel hungry after hopping from one ride to another. There is a hot and cold wave pool where you can take a dip. Tumble Falls, Falcon Fury, Thunder Rapids, White Water Wadi are some of the rides available there. There is the facility of changing rooms and also a unique facility of wristbands. 

The use of the wristbands prevents you from the ordeal of carrying your purse all around inside the park. You can use this band while purchasing food and beverages and any extra money that will be left over will be accordingly adjusted before you leave.


Palm Islands are a set of two artificial islands mainly the Palm Jumeirah and the Palm Jebel Ali. Tourists can get a chance to visit Palm Jumeirah, as it is the only completed Island. The island takes the shape of a palm tree. It is a major tourist place in Dubai to go for.

The best way to view the Palm Islands is from the air or at the top of one of Dubai’s many high-rise skyscrapers, such as the Observation Deck at the Burj Khalifa. To tour the islands you could take a Speedboat at Palm Jumeirah to visit some of the major attractions in the vicinity.


The world’s tallest, most stunning, and well-choreographed fountain is a sight to marvel. A towering height that reaches 900 feet, the Dubai Fountain stands in the middle of the Burj Lake and attracts thousands of tourists every evening who flock here to experience Dubai nightlife and to watch the light and music spectacular show that the Dubai Fountain put up every evening.

You will be astounded to find that the fountains have a unique structure that consists of five circles with a unique mechanism of nozzles that shoot water with a very high intensity. At this Dubai attraction, there are 6600 super lights and twenty-five colour projectors that give an illusion of more than a thousand expressions of water. 

The fountain performs on different songs and on different rhythms; from classical, contemporary, to Arabic and world music. While performing, the Dubai Fountain has as much as 22000 gallons of water in the air at any given moment.


If you are a die-hard Bollywood fan, then the Bollywood Parks Dubai is the place to add to your list when you are in Dubai. The place has everything that’s Bollywood, from rides, cafes, zones, stage performances, live entertainment, an archipelago of activities spread over an area of 1.7 million square feet.

Mumbai’s popular film industry is now a reality outside the country, set in Dubai in its entirety. This is world’s very first Bollywood themed park. There are twelve rides and five themed zones in the Bollywood Park, and these are more than enough to keep you well entertained for the entire day.


The Jumeirah Mosque, the only mosque non-Muslims can visit in the UAE.

The Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque in Dubai that has opened its doors to those of non-muslim faith. Visitors can come to the Jumeirah Mosque six days a week and are required to dress modestly. Women need to wear a headscarf while visiting the mosque. If you do not have the adequate attire, you can always borrow it from the mosque itself. 

The Jumeirah Mosque is made completely out of white stone and is a spectacular sight to marvel at both during the day and night. The mosque can accommodate up to 1200 worshippers at any given time. There is a large dome at the centre of the mosque which is stunning, and you will marvel at the architecture of the monument. 

The real beauty of the place can be seen at night when the mosque is lit up and you can see intricate artistry all around the monument, highlighted under the lights.

Dubai is a destination where even the most placid traveler would end up having fun! And with so many interesting and entertaining tourist places in to visit in this amazing cities in United Arab Emirates (UAE), you can imagine how wonderful your vacation can turn out to be.

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9 Facts about Free Zones You Should Know

If you’re operating a business in Dubai, or if you want to start a business in Dubai, you must be aware about the special economic zones called the ‘Free Zones’. UAE has around 50 Free zones. The first concept of Free Zones was started in 1985, with Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) to eliminate certain restrictions for commencing a business and to encourage nationals as well as foreigners to open a business in their country. Free Zones allow duty free, tax free and liberalize certain restraints put on businesses otherwise located outside the Free Zones. But, one should not keep aside their common sense and opt for a Free Zone, just because it assures ‘Free’. There are various things to account for before deciding if Free Zone indeed is an ideal place for your business. Here are the 9 most important facts about Free Zones, which will help you reach your decision.

  1. 100% Ownership & Repatriation of Profits: If you’re a foreign national opening up a business in Dubai, you’ll need a local partner with 51% stake in your business. This would weaken your control. But Free Zones exonerate you from that requirement. Free Zones allow you 100% of ownership of your business. Apart from ownership, Free Zones also allow you to repatriate 100% of your capital and profits back to your home country.
  2. Taxation advantages: Free Zone companies enjoy zero or in some cases, limited tax profits and capital gains. These companies attract 0% corporate tax rate and duties on import and export. This is the biggest advantage for the companies in Free Zones and has been the most attracting factor to locate a business in a Free Zone.
  3. Isolated locations: Free Zones are often established around major seaports and international airports — areas with many geographic advantages for international trade. Hence if your business requires access to the locals of Dubai, locating your business in a Free Zone would not be advisable. However if your business has significant amount of import-export and inter-state transportation, an airport located or a sea-port located Free Zone would be ideal.
  4. Laws and Approvals: Labor laws that are enforceable in the mainland are liberal in the Free Zones. Hence it become easier and quicker to recruit staff. You can register a New Company, Subsidiary or a Branch in a Free Zone. However A Branch Company registered in a UAE Free Zone can only have the same name and same activity as the Parent Company, provided that this activity is available in a Free Zone. The same doesn’t apply to a Subsidiary Company with a corporate shareholder, which can choose an independent activity and a different company name.
  5. Wholesale Business: A Free Zone company may not directly retail goods to the local market. A Free Zone company is permitted to trade on a wholesale basis only. But some exceptions are pertinent, as for example in Dubai Design District (D3) Free Zone, where you can find retail shops, showrooms, salons and restaurants.
  6. Rent: Although Free Zones promise a lot perks regarding taxation and ownership, it compensates them by charging higher prices for renting, leasing or buying a space in them. The costs are significantly higher than that in mainland. Although Free Zones offers the best of modernized facilities and sophisticated amenities for the investors, it is not advisable for a small or a medium enterprise to start their business there.
  7. Industry specific zones: Each Free Zone has its own focused policies for specific business types. Some of the Free Zones specialize in particular activities. For example, Dubai Internet City provides activities related to IT, Software, and the Internet. Dubai Design District is specialized in activities related to fashion and design. DMCC operates across commodities, tea, gold, diamond, pearl, metals, minerals, cotton and more.
  8. Restrictions to mainland: If you want to set up a Trading company in a Free Zone you can only import and re-export to other countries. Goods are restricted to the UAE mainland unless they are cleared through a Limited Liability Company (Trading) or a logistics provider. Hence again, if you want to serve local audience through your business, Free Zone might not be a good idea for you.
  9. Visas:  As an investor who owns a Free Zone company, you are eligible for the UAE Residence Visa for 2-3 years. You can also sponsor your family members and domestic helpers and provide them UAE Residence Visas. The number of Investor or Employment Visas under the company depends on the type of facility you rent under your Free Zone company. Flexi desk/smart desk provides a limited number of visas (can vary depending on each Free Zone). The physical office provides quota for 1 visa per 10 square meters.

Not all the Free Zones operate on same terms. Hence it is always advisable to get help from a local company who can help you decide whether Free Zone is the right option for you and if it is, the which out of the 50 Zones should you go with.

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